Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer vacation

I'm sure you guys are planning to spend your Summer Vacation somewhere else right? We used to hit the beach every summer and doing this yearly routine is kinda boring already. Right now, we're planning of something more adventurous. It's been a tradition for us to visit our relatives every Summer and it seems that we will be doing it again this year, however, instead of staying there at my grandma's house and instead of hitting the beach nearby, we are planning to explore other places that we've never been in that province.
It would be great to go mountain climbing or camping near that venue. Though i am not sure if we are allowed to enter that location or if the mountain is open for public. If that's the case, then better think of another plan. I think we better start looking for some bike racks for cars so that we can all bring our bikes and do some cycling to at least keep ourselves away from getting too bored. We do not have bike racks installed yet in my dad's car and i'm sure there are bike racks for suvs available out there. I guess we should check it online too.
How i wish we can come up with a nice plan for this upcoming summer trip in Pangasinan or else we will end up hitting the beach again. Sobs.


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