Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essential Oils

Have you ever tried using essential body oils? My mom used to buy essential oils and apply it on her skin almost after every bath. She said that she feel very warm and comfortable whenever she apply it on her and it feels like all her stress were washed away in an instant. I tried it once and i feel the same way too.
Yes it's true that these so called essential oils has therapeutic effect that no other oils can offer. You can try Fragrance Oil or Perfume Oils but you can never feel the effect that an essential oil can offer. Both Fragrance and Perfume Oils are artificially made and contain artificial substances unlike essential oils that are made naturally from plants.
I remember my friend Foongpc sent me a gift after his trip to Indonesia. It was a soap made from Sandalwood, a fragrant wood and one of a great source of essential oils.

It includes a mini bottle of Essential oil too which is made from Frangipani. Here in our province we called it "Kalachuchi"
Well, i haven't tried both of them because i decided to keep them as one of my blogging memorabilia but i wonder how it feels when you used them. Anyway, i can always buy essential oils either online or in some drug stores near my place. Errr... my skin gets dry easily lately and i suspect that it is because of the weather here. I bet i need a moisturizer now so i better use essential oil rather than those commercially and artificially produced.


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