Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Use of Power Generators

Do you have a Generator at home? Well, lucky you, because we do not have that kind of expensive equipment but we are aware how important a power generator could be especially in case of emergency like wide black outs and other similar scenarios.
Our neighbor have this portable power generator and every time there is a huge brown out or black out in our area, they use the generator to supply sufficient amount of electricity on their house.
I remember during the Typhoon Ondoy, they let most of our neighbors including me to charge the battery of our phones. We all know how important the communication is during that time especially if you want to contact someone from your relatives and ask them if they are doing okay and if their area is safe from the typhoon.
Well, that made me realized how important this equipment is. How i wish we could have one but the price of it is pretty expensive though i have heard that an equipment like this can be rented from something like Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon.
Aside from providing extra power source during the black outs, generators are widely use too in some outdoor activities that is beyond the reach of any cable extension.


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