Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poor ChiChi

Remember Chi Chi? If you are my follower on Twitter since March 2010, then you know how hard we've been through when our beloved Chi chi suffered from severe pain and passed away. Too bad we failed to bond with Chi chi since she passed away too soon.
I know it's our fault and we failed to fulfill our duty as a pet owner. It is our responsibility to take care of her and provide her all that she needs.
We noticed some weird to her a week before she passed away but we just ignored it knowing that she used to be like that ever since she was given to us. We were just so surprised when she started to act so differently and she don't even move into another place where she stay. Then she started to be so weak and we were all bothered by that. We should have bought her to a Vet and provide her medical assistance. We should have avoided any worst scenario if we brought her to a Vet as early as she started to act differently. We are so irresponsible and there's no one to be blame than us.
I hope this serves a lesson to you guys too. Make sure you bring your pet to a well trusted Vet like that Vet Tacoma in Washington in a regular basis to keep their health on tract.


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