Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essential Oils

Have you ever tried using essential body oils? My mom used to buy essential oils and apply it on her skin almost after every bath. She said that she feel very warm and comfortable whenever she apply it on her and it feels like all her stress were washed away in an instant. I tried it once and i feel the same way too.
Yes it's true that these so called essential oils has therapeutic effect that no other oils can offer. You can try Fragrance Oil or Perfume Oils but you can never feel the effect that an essential oil can offer. Both Fragrance and Perfume Oils are artificially made and contain artificial substances unlike essential oils that are made naturally from plants.
I remember my friend Foongpc sent me a gift after his trip to Indonesia. It was a soap made from Sandalwood, a fragrant wood and one of a great source of essential oils.

It includes a mini bottle of Essential oil too which is made from Frangipani. Here in our province we called it "Kalachuchi"
Well, i haven't tried both of them because i decided to keep them as one of my blogging memorabilia but i wonder how it feels when you used them. Anyway, i can always buy essential oils either online or in some drug stores near my place. Errr... my skin gets dry easily lately and i suspect that it is because of the weather here. I bet i need a moisturizer now so i better use essential oil rather than those commercially and artificially produced.

Win Or Lose Game

Establishing a business is like playing a Win or Lose Strategy. You do not know if the business will be successful or will turn out as a big Failure. But if you are a professional one, you should know how to play this game wisely whether you win it or lose it, you should stay strong and never be discouraged about failures. Just think of it as a "Trial and Error" game. You should keep on trying until you found the perfect recipe towards a successful business.
If ever you faced Bankruptcy , do not feel down and treat it more as a challenge more than as a failure. This will teach you a good lesson whether what step should you take or what step should not to avoid the possible bankruptcy in the near future.
Again, you have to play this game wisely and I'm sure you do not want to shoulder everything after the devastating loss of your business right? This is the reason why all business owners file a Bankruptcy report to save them from paying all these debts. Bankruptcy follows certain responsibility and you are obliged to solve them all but if you file bankruptcy report, it will save you from drowning into so many debts and will help you to stand again and start your new business life once again.
Bankruptcy is not an end point, it is just a start and a stepping stone towards a successful business.

Cleaning Windows in a regular Basis

Windows are like Clothes. You should clean them in a regular basis and make them more appealing once again after every wash. The lifespan of your windows depends on you. You have to maintain them regularly to keep them in a good condition. If you failed to do so, then the windows might get brittle and will get damage easily.
Dust particles or the what so called Pollutants are the worst enemy of your windows. Too much exposure to them will cause etching which weakens your window. Water from rain or too much moisture will also cause severe damage to your window which can result to unwanted stain which is hard or almost impossible to be removed and which will leave you no choice but to replace the window entirely. We all know how expensive the cost of window replacement right? So i suggest that you keep an eye on it and make sure that you included this task on your house chore lists. Or it is much better to hire experts and let them do the rest of the window cleaning job for you. You're lucky if you find a company that offers a high quality service like that Window Cleaning Portland being offered in Oregon.
Hiring Window Cleaning Services is also advisable because they can tell you if you really need a replacement or if there's something wrong with the installation and other faulty stuffs on it. It can save your time too allow you to spend more time with your family.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Knowing More about Option Trading

They said that one of the effective way of making good profits with small risk is through the nature of option trading. I'm not really sure how the exact process goes but i am really curious and intrigued how much will it help me to become a successful man.
Option trading is something that requires a lot of understanding. They said that option trading is a kind of risk management that really works. Option trading is different from Stock trading. Well, I never experience any of these stock trading stuffs but i heard how risky it could be to some Stock traders. It is like a win or lose game. Some might end up losing their shares or will end up exiting his trade while others are very fortunate to get more profit from it. This only shows that stock trading simply can't guarantee you since Stock market fluctuations will destroy your trade unlike the what so-called option trading which can protect you from any losses and will guarantee you a huge percentage of success rate.
Option strategy provides a limited risk so i am not wondering why most investors are more into option trading because they can earn more profit from it. There are two types of option trading, Put Option and Call option.
Put Options give the option buyer the right the sell the underlying asset while Call Options give the option buyer the right to buy the underlying asset. I'm kind confused with these two but they said that when you buy put option it enables you to profit when the markets fall without having to sell short stock.
How about you guys? What do yah think about Option Trading? Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know. Have a great day and happy blogging!

The Use of Power Generators

Do you have a Generator at home? Well, lucky you, because we do not have that kind of expensive equipment but we are aware how important a power generator could be especially in case of emergency like wide black outs and other similar scenarios.
Our neighbor have this portable power generator and every time there is a huge brown out or black out in our area, they use the generator to supply sufficient amount of electricity on their house.
I remember during the Typhoon Ondoy, they let most of our neighbors including me to charge the battery of our phones. We all know how important the communication is during that time especially if you want to contact someone from your relatives and ask them if they are doing okay and if their area is safe from the typhoon.
Well, that made me realized how important this equipment is. How i wish we could have one but the price of it is pretty expensive though i have heard that an equipment like this can be rented from something like Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon.
Aside from providing extra power source during the black outs, generators are widely use too in some outdoor activities that is beyond the reach of any cable extension.

Wedding Plan

Wedding is undeniable the most exciting event that could ever happened in our life though it can be one of the most stressing days too since it takes a lot of preparation before the actual wedding date arrives.
Usually, it is the bride who take care of everything with the groom assisting her from time to time. Well what makes a wedding stressful is the fact that you have to think every details of it. Although it is a mutual decision from both couple, the bride usually the one who suggest everything from the wedding venue to the foods that will be catered at the wedding reception.
Making a checklist is very advisable if you want to organize everything as perfectly as you planned. Wedding preparation is not done over night. It usually takes months. The process of making your Wedding dress for example takes a lot of time and depends on how gorgeous you would like it to be. Aside from that, you also have to contact several persons including the florists, the caterers, the singers and more. Not to mention the stress of choosing who will be the bride's maid and the Best Man for your wedding so as other guest and other major wedding sponsors. You also have to spend time communicating with the church and also a time for practicing wedding ceremony.
Wedding is truly a very stressing event that's why most couple preferred to hire a wedding planner to help them out organizing the said event. There are also some event organizer like those in Weddings Vancouver WA that offer exciting wedding packages. These packages may include all the things that a couple need for their wedding like the venue, the minister and more.
Wedding is very stressful but the most rewarding experience for both couple as well because that is the time when both of them are bind and united together.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer vacation

I'm sure you guys are planning to spend your Summer Vacation somewhere else right? We used to hit the beach every summer and doing this yearly routine is kinda boring already. Right now, we're planning of something more adventurous. It's been a tradition for us to visit our relatives every Summer and it seems that we will be doing it again this year, however, instead of staying there at my grandma's house and instead of hitting the beach nearby, we are planning to explore other places that we've never been in that province.
It would be great to go mountain climbing or camping near that venue. Though i am not sure if we are allowed to enter that location or if the mountain is open for public. If that's the case, then better think of another plan. I think we better start looking for some bike racks for cars so that we can all bring our bikes and do some cycling to at least keep ourselves away from getting too bored. We do not have bike racks installed yet in my dad's car and i'm sure there are bike racks for suvs available out there. I guess we should check it online too.
How i wish we can come up with a nice plan for this upcoming summer trip in Pangasinan or else we will end up hitting the beach again. Sobs.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poor ChiChi

Remember Chi Chi? If you are my follower on Twitter since March 2010, then you know how hard we've been through when our beloved Chi chi suffered from severe pain and passed away. Too bad we failed to bond with Chi chi since she passed away too soon.
I know it's our fault and we failed to fulfill our duty as a pet owner. It is our responsibility to take care of her and provide her all that she needs.
We noticed some weird to her a week before she passed away but we just ignored it knowing that she used to be like that ever since she was given to us. We were just so surprised when she started to act so differently and she don't even move into another place where she stay. Then she started to be so weak and we were all bothered by that. We should have bought her to a Vet and provide her medical assistance. We should have avoided any worst scenario if we brought her to a Vet as early as she started to act differently. We are so irresponsible and there's no one to be blame than us.
I hope this serves a lesson to you guys too. Make sure you bring your pet to a well trusted Vet like that Vet Tacoma in Washington in a regular basis to keep their health on tract.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Practical Option

Have you ever tried renting or leasing an equipment? I know it's common to hear such words when you are referring to ab boarding space or a house or a lot but how about equipments? Have you ever tried leasing for them? Is there really such thing as Equipment Leasing. Yup! There are companies that offer such kind of service. Equipment leasing is where a company allows a borrower to rent or lease their equipments (either used or new) whether for personal or business purposes.
Don't you think it is a very practical option especially for those who can't afford to buy or for those who can't pay it for cash immediately? I have heard that most businesses today are making use of such service to save more money and to earn more profit. With all that, i can certainly say that this kind of service is a practical option not just for those who wanted to run a business but also for those individuals who are looking for some great alternatives to save more money.
We are all experiencing a what so called Global financial crisis and we should all be wise in spending our money and this equipment leasing is one of the most effective solution to make all that savings possible. How about you? Will you consider leasing for an equipment to save money too?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Has Arrived! Time For Doing the Landscape

Spring is the perfect time for bird watching. It is also a great time to see all those colorful flowers blooming around your garden. And I'm sure most of you are on vacation this month, so why not spend your time in your garden right? Gardening is a great hobby and in fact, my mom is so hooked to it. Aside from the enjoyment that it gives, it will also keep you away from getting too bored. Seeing your garden blossoming with so many beautiful ornaments and flowers, is like a big achievement already.
However, no matter how many flowers blooming in your garden and no matter how much they add color into it, they will be useless if there are so many grasses growing around the area. Grasses are nothing but distractions in any garden unless we are referring to those expensive landscape grasses like Bermuda grass.
This is the reason why landscape maintenance should be applied in a regular basis. Removing or mowing grasses would be very stressing for sure but again, if you want to make your garden more appealing, you have to bear with all those stress. Or maybe, you can simply hire something like Landscape Vancouver Wa Maintenance services. These guys know what to do and will ensure you to get a very satisfying landscape. They sure have the right equipments for all your landscaping needs.

Cigarette Smoking

Do you smoke? How much or how many packs of cigarettes do you consume everyday? My dad is such a smoker and believe it or not he can consume 4 - 6 packs of cigarettes daily. I know that it is very unhealthy for him that's why we try to convince him to stop or at least lessen his consumption of cigarette. Nicotine is the major substance that can be found in the cigarette which makes a smoker addicted to it. It is an addictive substance that can bring several harmful effects to our body. Smoking increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Aside from the risk of developing lung cancer, smoking can also cause other cancers including pharynx, esophagus, larynx, pancreas, cervix, bladder, and even kidney. It can also cause other respiratory-related diseases like emphysema, heart attack, cataracts and impotence. My grandpa died because of severe emphysema in which he got from tobacco smoking.
These harmful effects of cigarette smoking has been taught to us even when we are in grade school. Even the cigarette manufacturers are giving awareness about it by showing warning signs on their cigarette packets. But how come it is so hard for a smoker to give up this unhealthy habit?
Actually, it is very easy for a smoker to give up this habit. With proper counseling and by encouraging him to have a healthy lifestyle, I'm sure you can do it with no ease. However, they said that it is also unhealthy for an individual to stop cigarette smoking as easy as like that. They said that once smokers become dependent on nicotine, they may experience strong physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms if they try to give up. These symptoms may include irritability, dizziness, anxiety, headaches, lack of concentration, disturbed sleeping patterns, feelings of anger and depression. If a smoker is willing to give up this habit, it will take a very long process for him. He may start this process by minimizing his daily consumption. You can also use other alternatives for cigarettes like the use of electronic cigarette which is very in demand today. Electronic cigarette is said to be healthier way of smoking. They said that these new way of cigarette smoking can help smokers to stop or reduce their addiction to those conventional cigarettes or tobacco.
Ecigarettes are smokeless cigarettes. They are safe, non polluting, non flammable and most of all, they are healthy knowing that the ingredients of the electronic cigarettes are not cancer-causing agents. Well, I better buy e cigarette starter kits for my dad and let him try this new, healthy and great alternative for his cigarettes. Though i do not have any idea what brand should i buy for him. Of course, i do not want to disappoint my dad about this so i better look the best ecigar for him. A friend of mine suggested me to try Smoketip for my dad. He have read several smoketip reviews online already and he saw a lot of positive feedback about it. Maybe i should try this one.
How about you guys? What do yah think about E-cigarettes? Great Idea right?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Granite Installation

Compare to Ceramic tiles or vinyl tiles, granite installation is not a project for a Do it Yourself homeowner. Yes I know you are trying to seek ways to save money from the installation cost but installing it all by yourself will be very risky especially if you do not have the right knowledge and equipments for it. We know how expensive granite is compare to other materials and I am sure you do not want to waste that money by taking the risk of installing it by yourself. It is still best to let the professional do the jobs for you. They know what to do and they were trained for it. They also have the right materials and equipment to be used.
The durability and the quality of your granite counter top will be depend on how well the workmanship is being applied to it. So better let the professionals do it for you. Granite might be an expensive material but the quality and the elegance it provides cannot be found to other materials like ceramic and glass.
Granite is much better to marble too.
If you are interested to know more about granite, you can visit and see what else the site has to offer.

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