Sunday, December 11, 2011

Perfect Stress Reliever

Things are getting so busy to me these past few weeks not just because i already got a new job but also because I am also preparing for the upcoming Holiday celebrations which are nearly approaching now. Time is running so fast indeed and i just can't imagine that we only have 2 weeks left before the much awaited Holiday of the year.
I am crossing my fingers that our heads will keep the Saturday-Sunday rest days until the end of January so that i can spend my whole day with my family this coming Christmas and New Year. In addition to that, i am about to celebrate my 23rd birthday on the 27th of December. That's pretty exciting indeed but right now, i just need some more time to relax and to keep all these stress away.
I got so much busy last month because i had to adjust myself to a new working environment. Dealing with irate customers everyday has never been an easy tasks. Good thing, i can just rest myself at home or play my favorite games online to keep all the stress away. It is such a great relief in a point that I forget all the pain and stress inside of me. I used to play slots casinos online which happen to be one of my favorite games. It is not that hard and complicated as the other casino games and it doesn't require any skills or techniques for you to win. Everything is just a matter of luck here which make it even more interesting. But of course, if you want to get involved in such games, better choose the best online casinio to give you nothing but the best gaming experience as well. Online Casino Gator is probably one of the best casino game provider online. You guys should give it a try too.
But just remember that you should play such games moderately and play it all for fun. Playing casino games, knowing that you will be dealing with money, abusively is quite unhealthy.

Adding Value to your House

How often do you remodel your house? Sometimes, it is really advisable to give your house a brand new look from time to time. It will not just make your house more appealing but it also adds value to it. It will make your house more stronger in a point that it can withstand any bad weather conditions.
A house is actually a great form of investment because through renovations, you can add additional value to it so in case you are planning to sell it in future, you can sell it in a higher price much faster. By making it more attractive, it will be no ease for you to attract buyers. But more importantly, regardless if you will be selling it or not, you as the owner and the one who resides in it, will get all the benefits in return.
If you really one the best quality for your house, then choose the best materials and the best workers around. You have to pay attention to every single details, from the very tip of the roof down to the very deep of your foundation. Whether it is an interior or exterior part, you have to make it very appealing even if it means that these renovations will definitely cost you a big time.
It will make you outshine other house from the neighborhood as well. Having resin bonded driveways for example will definitely makes a difference from an ordinary cemented ones. Resin Bonded driveways are known not just for providing and immensely beautiful appearance but also by providing a long lasting quality to your driveway as well. It will surely add more value to your house. But of course, you have to trust nothing but those reputable workers and contractors to ensure yourself that you will receive nothing but the best of service. If you guys are interested to know more about resin bonded driveways, kindly check and see what else the site has to offer for you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Future Nurse in the Family

Time is really running so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when I am playing with my younger sister. It was way back then when she keep on playing her lovely toys and inviting me for her own Tea set party. It was fun indeed however, things have changed a lot. She's not that kid anymore and she's not getting any younger either. She's currently on her 4th year high school and is graduating this coming March. Next year, she will be going to college and will take the path or career that she wants. She's acting more mature now and I know for sure that she now has a boyfriend though she weren't telling us yet hehehe. Anyway, She mentioned to us before that she is planning to take a nursing course which is really great because we never had a nursing graduate or any health care related professional in our family except for my cousin Abel who is now a certified nurse and is currently working abroad.
Her dream to become a nurse didn't came to us as a surprise because it has always been her passion. She used to pretend that she's our nurse and she keep on reminding us whenever we need to take our medicine. And now, she is about to take it for real, which i know her ultimate dream. I am not really sure what school are she gonna take but I am hoping that it is as great as the Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in California. I have heard of their amazing nursing programs san jose in California and I am dying to know if there is such school in our place too. Anyway, I will offer my full support to my sister and I am wishing her the best of luck.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Responsible Parenting

I just read a very interesting topis from a certain column of a magazine last night. It is all about proper parenting and the role of parents in guiding their teenager son when it comes to serious matters like vises , drugs and Sex. I am not a parent yet but I am done of becoming a teenager and I can say that i have been through a lot of curiosities during that era. Thanks God, I have been guided by my parents properly and I was able to find the right path towards a better career. Anyway, the article is all about "what are you going to do as a parent when some unexpected situation occurs?"
They said that there should be an open communication between the child and the parent. Let's say "Sex" for example. How are you going to explain it to your son? How long will you get deeper when you explain it to him? How will you tell him the consequences and the responsibilities that Sex can bring him into? How are you going to set limitations to him and how far these limitations could go?
Keep in mind that due to their curiosity , they are likely to be affected easily by the things that they see and they hear.
Let's take this first scenario. What are you going to do when you see your teenager son reading some pornography magazines or watching porn videos at for example. How will you put yourself in such critical situation and how are you going to explain it to him? Just like what i have read in that column, it is very important to have a private conversation with your son regarding to this matter. It is okay to read such adult magazines or watch pornxchange videos or even reading some porn tube review as long as you keep yourself a limit. It is a part of being a teenager but then again, you have to know your own limitations and you have to set boundaries if necessary.
Second Scenario; How will you react when you found out that your teenager son's girlfriend is pregnant? Isn't too late for you to guide your son? Isn't too late to explain to him what he did? Of course, it has never been to late however, he cannot escape his responsibilities and whether he likes it or not, he has to bear all the obligation to that baby.
What I am trying to pin point here is the value of responsible parenting. Guide your kids before it's too late. Show them the right path towards a better future.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paintball Games In Tagaytay

A week from now, there will be another long weekend in celebration of Andres Bonifacio Day. That would be another thrilling weekend since my friends and I were planning to hit Tagaytay. It's been awhile since I last visited this place and it is pretty exciting that I will hit Tagaytay again with my friends. We have so much plans to do once we get there and that includes mountain climbing and sight seeing. It is very ideal to visit this place to keep all my stress away. With its cool climate and clean air, Tagaytay City is the perfect place for leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, camping and sightseeing.
Taal Volcano is probably one of the highlights of this wonderful place. It's almost like a paradise for me and for most Filipino families. As what I have mentioned, there are so many activities can be done here and one of the most in demand today would be the Paintball games. Tagaytay offer wide fields for Paintball games. There are many fields here dedicated only for this kind of sports.
Paintball is a quite in demand today and as far as I know it is already considered as a sports. Here, you will be given some sort of an US army uniform, protecting gears and us army paintball gun. It is very exciting indeed and it feels like you are in a real war game. Just don't forget to bring paintball tank with you in case you are out of paint bullets.
Of course this is just a sport and this is just a game which means, it is not as fatal as what can you see in real war or even in those war video games. It's more of a recreational activity and is generally for fun.
Actually, during Fiesta (a town celebration to pay tribute to a patron), our City government is organizing paintball competition. It is very interesting to know that they are giving so much attention to this sport and it is very nice to see that most people are into it. I might try it too since i never had a chance to play paintball. I attended an event once but never tried it yet.
That would be fun right? Though I am not really sure if I will be the one to provide my own guns and uniform or I can just rent it somewhere. I'm so excited about this wooohoo!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank You My Blogging Buddies

Waaaah! Sorry guys for being so inactive lately. As you all know, i got my new job and things have changed ever since I started working. I thought I can manage my time well but things turned out the opposite way. I can hardly find time to blog and visit other bloggers too. Though I can still open my Facebook and my Emails from time to time. The only time I can open my blogs is during my Day offs. Thanks God, we have 2 rest days in a week which is good enough for me to accomplish all my pending assignments online. I am still working as a freelance writer that's why it's pretty hard for me to handle everything.
This is what i want, I want a stable job and now that i am working in a company, i will do my best to stay here for good. Even if it means that I have to sacrifice some of my personal hobbies. I am really thankful that most of my blogger friends understand my current situation and in fact, they showed me their support to my new job.
I was able to chat with them last night and I had so much fun. Most of them sent me "greetings", congratulating me for my new work.
They even sent me some cute emoticons during our chat conversation which made me, somehow, relieved. I promised them that I will try to fix my schedule so that I can visit them as often as i can.
Thank you for all your support guys! I really appreciate it! You don't have any idea how much you made my day! ^_^

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Wonders of Quartz

Quartz has been a very versatile material. It can be used in so many ways. The most common use of quartz is probably as a finishing material for your house whether its a commercial building or residential house. In fact, Quartz flooring is pretty in demand in the market today. They are quite expensive indeed compare to other materials like ceramic, wood and laminated, but it's truly worth it knowing the quality that you are going to received in return. Quartz has this natural beauty and it comes up with so many colors and designs, giving the house owner a wide selection. Like Marble and Granite, Quartz is not so porous too, thus it is resistant to stain and heat. It is resistant to scratches too. But of course, you have to maintain it in a regular basis to retain its natural beauty. As far as I know, there are specialized cleaning agents or solutions for Quartz which are very affordable in the market.
It's pretty amazing to see that Quartz is being used for staircase as well just like what I've seen yesterday from a certain establishment somewhere near my working place. Isn't cool and very eye-cathing. Though, I don't think it is ideal to have this for your interior unless your house is very specious. Nevertheless, it is still immensely beautiful and simply incomparable to those typical staircases.
Quartz is a very effective material for countertops too. It has been lined up with Marble and Granite as one of the materials who has the so called, high standards. Of course, you also have to consider the workmanship because it will tell the life span of your countertop. If you choose to get the material with low quality and hire inexperienced worker, then chances are, you'll be replacing them over and over again which can be very costly.
If in case, you're looking for high quality countertops vancouver in Canada, Floform is the right place for you to go. They have been providing excellent, honest and competent service for fifty years! So I guess, with that, you are assured that you will received nothing but the best quality of service. You can visit the site at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Towards Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is probably the most rewarding yet hard and stressful day for woman especially for first timers. It can be quite risky too if you failed to take care of yourself responsibly. Please keep in mind that you have to be very responsible in everything. Discipline is the key towards healthy pregnancy or even during your fertility period. It may involve some sacrifices and you may have to restrict yourself from doing other activities for the sake of your baby.
You have to balanced your diet and choose the right food. Take note that every food you eat may affect the baby inside. Keep in mind the familiar adage saying "I'm eating for Two" because you're eating not just for yourself but also for the child in your womb. Maintaining a healthy diet with foods that provide key nutrients is important throughout pregnancy. Foods with Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron and Omega 3 fats are very essential for pregnant woman.
Of course, it differs a lot from woman who is trying to get pregnant. Some couple have some issues with their fertility and both of them are trying their best just to have a baby even if it means they have to take some of those desperate measures like going to Obando, Bulacan and dance to their miraculous Patron, believing that it will give them higher chance to get a baby. Of course it is just a myth but we have to respect them knowing that this is their way to, at least, overcome their frustrations.
There are many ways out there which are scientifically proven effective to increase fertility for both men and women. It might be in form of taking essential vitamins for fertility or taking the so called Fertility foods Diet plan. And of course, do not forget your prayers! It is the most powerful tool a couple can have. God has plans for and you have to remember that!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Roof Inspection

Rainy season just arrived and I am really worrying because we failed to check the roof before season. It started to rain heavily lately and according to the news, another typhoon will hit the country. Typhoon Pedring hit us recently, leaving so much damages and fatalities. I am hoping that it will not happen again because I don't think our roof can survive another strong typhoon.
It is my fault why i failed to fix the roof right after the last typhoon. For some reason, i became too lazy to climb up and check for some damages. I should have pay more attention to it because right now, we're experiencing roof leaks near our kitchen and that really irritating. It messes up our ceiling, leaving unwanted stains and I'm sure if it continues like this, we will be seeing some molds growing on it.
Roof leaks is probably one of the most common problems that every household is facing today. It is something that we should not ignore because it weakens our roof and might bring danger to our family. Regular maintenance is the key towards a strong roof, however, this kind of job is quite risky. Aside from roof leaks, improper installation can be a major issue too that will bring nothing but trouble.
I am highly advising you guys to do regular inspection or better yet hire an expert roofer to fix any roofing problems. They sure know what to do and they can tract all issues that has to be fixed. Lucky you if you're looking for an expert roofing allen tx service because you can just visit and get their service right on time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


If you are a business-minded person, and you wishes to establish a successful business, then you have to be very clever and you have to make your own effective business strategy in order to succeed. There is no such thing as stability when it comes to business unless you really know how to handle it well. Keep it mind that you will be competing to other businesses and the competitors are increasing as the time goes by.
If you're planning to start a business, think of something that will attract buyers easily. Make some creative gimmicks that will help you to become noticeable. Creating your own business identity takes a lot of hard work and determination. It takes time as well which will measure your patience a lot.
If you want a very profitable business and at the same time fun and exciting, then you might want to enter the world of Import and Export International Trade business. As what the term connotes, you are going to import items from different country and sell them in you area. China is one of the most popular exporter of goods and they have tons of products to offer. The good thing about this Import-Export business is that, you have wide variety of products to sell. You can change your imported items from time to time which will excite no just you but also your buyers.
If you really want to be successful in this field, you might want to read Perry Belcher's Book about Import Export Business Plan. The ebook has everything you need from basic information down to his effective advises. You can check the book at and see what else it has to offer for business minded person like you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Homeowners' Preferrences When it comes to Kitchen Countertops

Granite and Marble have become the material of choice for most homeowners who wish to renovate their kitchen. Both materials are known for being extremely durable compare to ceramic tiles, laminated flooring and glass. Ceramic tiles and Laminated flooring became popular too because of they ate extremely affordable and they are cheaper than granite and Marble, however the quality of ceramic tiles and laminated flooring are not so satisfying.
Unlike the others, granite and marble are both resistant to scratch and stain. Though Marble is quite porous thus prone to staining and discoloration most especially if you failed to maintain it in a regular basis.
When it comes to Finishing material for your kitchen, it's pretty hard to choose which one will give you the best quality and which one will offer nothing but a mess. We have to choose carefully because we might end up choosing the wrong one and chances are, will end up replacing them over again in the near future. It is very wise to get recommendation from others and try to check some designs online or better yet hire an expert designer, they sure know what's the best for your house.
And if you're going to buy a material for your kitchen countertop, make sure that you deal with a well trusted countertop dealer. If you're looking for a quality granite remnants san jose coutertops in California, you can check Marble City at their official webpage They are reputable company and they provide nothing but honest and competent service to their costumers.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why It is Better to Hire an Expert Landscaper?

Having a nice-looking lawn is a very rewarding experience. It will not just make the exterior of your house more appealing but it will also keep all your stress away. A nice and eye catching landscape design can be very appealing not just for you but also for your visitors and other people who drop by at your place. Isn't wonderful to receive compliments from them?
It's true that landscaping can be a "Do it Yourself" activity but it can only be possible if you have the right materials and equipments to be used for such a heavy duty job. There are specific equipments that are being used for specific landscaping procedure such as the rototiller, trimmers, pruners, loppers and more. Of course, it is possible for you to have them all, however, you have to spend big time for them whether you are going to buy them in cash or you're going to rent them.
Now, if you do not have the right skills to perform such task, then I highly suggest that you hire someone from a reputable Landscaping Company.
For me it is more practical than doing the landscaping all by yourself. I listed down some of the reasons why it is much better to hire a landscaper.
Lesser Risks of Damage - Exploring and experimenting in your garden or yard is pretty cool but if you do not know anything about proper landscaping, then you might put yourself into a big disaster that will definitely ruin not just your budget but also your time and your entire lawn as well. A professional landscaper, can do it very effectively with no ease. They sure know what is best for your front yard to make it more appealing than ever.
Time Saving - Imagine the amount of time that you are going to spend in landscaping? Keep in mind that landscaping do not just deal with trimming of the grass, it requires other procedures too which may stress you out and will definitely kill your time. Expert landscaper can finish the job in no time.
Money Saving - Compare the money that you are going to spend for the equipments or rentals and so as the amount that you are going to pay in case you ruined your lawn to the amount that you are going to pay for the Landscaping services? Which do you think will save you more? Needless to say, hiring a professional Landscaper has always been the best option.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marble and Granite are The Best

When it comes to Finishing material for your kitchen, it's pretty hard to choose which one will give you the best quality and which one will offer nothing but a mess. We have to choose carefully. Get recommendation from others and try to check some designs online or better yet hire an expert designer, they sure know what's the best for your house.
If I'm going to list down all the finishing materials most especially for your kitchen or your kitchen countertop in particular and rank them from greatest to least, then my top spotters would either be granite or marble.
Marble and granite might be quite expensive but the quality of them are simply incomparable to others. They both have this nice glossy effect that will definitely make your kitchen more appealing and eye catching than ever.
When it comes to the durability, both granite and marble counter tops will be depend on how well the workmanship is being applied to it. So better let the professionals do it for you. They might be an expensive material but the quality and the elegance they provide cannot be found to other materials like ceramic and glass. Well, ceramics are great but most of the tend to break easily whenever a strong force is applied. So i believed no matter how expensive the granite or marble is, it is still worth buying for and is a very practical choice that every homeowner can make.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY Plumbing Solutions for Simple and Minor Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems can usually be handled by homeowners especially those simple issues including the blocked sink, blocked toilet and even minor pipe leaks. As long as you have the equipments, then you can fix them all by yourself. Here, let me share you some useful troubleshooting tips on how to fix minor plumbing issues.
►BLOCKED SINKS: We should be grateful that repairing blocked sinks are made easier by those liquid solution that will dissolve the blockage inside. Pouring hot water will also clear the pipes. There are also some pumping equipments that you can use. They are very handy and highly affordable. You can purchase them at the nearest hardware store.
►BLOCKED TOILET: Of course, the simplest way to solve this is through the help of our buddy plunger. But if it doesn't work out, try pouring hot water or better yet yet use those specialized liquid solution.
►PIPE LEAKS. Minor pipe leaks can be solved using those epoxy clay available in the nearest hardware shop. These adhesive are very easy- to-use. You just have to follow the instruction provided and it will definitely fix the leak.
Take note that these are just MINOR and SIMPLE problems that can be done by every homeowners but if the issue is quite BIG and SERIOUS, the best way you can do is to call the service of a Plumber. They sure know what to do and they can definitely fix the problem in no time. Just make sure that you hire someone from the a reputable company and not those independent and inexperience ones. Search online and you can see a lot of reputable companies out there.
If ever you're looking for an expert Plumber Gresham Service in Oregon, you can check and see what are those interesting services they offer.

BIR Forms

Okay here we go again, I have here 2 BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) forms that I have to process. God! I don't even know how to differentiate the two haha. Good thing a friend of mine explained it to me and why should I fill up them both.
►First is the BIR form 1902. This form is to be accomplished by an old or new employee whether resident citizen or non-resident alien earning purely compensation income. This should be filled up and submitted to the RDO or Revenue District Office. Mine is registered in Pasig City since my employer required me to do that and I tell you guys, I am so clueless about it at first. I just did what is being instructed to me, filled up the information and submitted it to them.
►BIR form 2305 on the other hand is a certificate to be accomplished and issued in case of increase or decreases in exemption, change of status, change in the person of employer, change in the type of employment, acquiring employment after having registered as engaged in business or exercise of profession, change in the working status of the spouse, execution of the "waiver to claim the Additional Exemption" by the husband, or revocation of the previously executed "waiver to claim the Additional Exemption" by the husband. And since I will be working in a new employer, i have to fill up this form too. (If ever I made it to their company LOL).
Okay, I am not a big time tax payer here but I know how important it is to pay your taxes. I know what are the benefits we can get from it in return. For Big time earners and tax parers (usually business man), they usually hire a tax preparer to handle their income tax return. This Tax preparation service will absolutely save their time in calculations and analyzing their tax returns. So for them, it is definitely a practical option to pay their tax on time without stressing themselves.

Ways Toward Positive Thinking

When you feel depressed because of negative circumstance and your thoughts are negative, reverse them and think of what you most want to happen in your life. Life is so short my friend so make the most out of it. Do not waste your time drowning yourself in to so much depression since it will bring no good to you, physically, mentally and spiritually. As what the title of this blog suggests, you have to think positive and you should find ways towards it. It is very easy to achieve happiness and all it takes is a positive outlook in life. So go ahead, say goodbye to your depression, Jump up and shout it to the world and pour enthusiasm in your desire for a happier life. This sudden rush of energy will dissolve your mental inertia and feelings of depression.
If you desire more friends, if you want more people to be around you, to admire you and to love you, then why not greet the very next person you speak to with full of enthusiasm. Show to others the admiration and love you seek.
Associate with enthusiastic people. They will surely influence your life or better yet seek for Counseling. Counseling will help you achieve the so called "peace of mind" . They will help you to take all your sorrows and your sadness away.
These are just few of the effective ways to inspire you to achieve greater things in life. Also, don't forget to establish a solid relationship with God. He will surely guide you to the right path.
Always remember that a problem will never be a problem if you will consider it as a problem. It's just a mind over matter thing.
Go ahead leave your depression behind and start living your life to the fullest.

Why Should I have a Camcorder?

Digital camcorders are pretty in demand today. It's almost for everyone already unlike before when camcorders can only be operated by professionals. Camcorders today are highly affordable and almost everyone now owns camcorder. But is it really necessary to have such device? Of course it is and here are my reason why.
► Having a camcorder will save your money because you do not have to hire expert videographer whenever there is a special event like wedding and birthdays. You can simply shoot those unforgettable scenes and upload them directly to your computer. As for the duplication, there aere so many software online that can be download to help you produce more copies of your video and by also saving them on a CD. The good thing about digital camcorders is that when you make duplicate copies, they will still have the same video quality.
►Some unexpected spectacular event may arise and I'm sure you don't want to share those moments with your friends by simply narrating them what happened right? With pocket camcorders, you can shoot any unexpected and surprising events in your life and share them to everyone with confidence.
►Camcorders can be very useful if you have science or school related projects where documentation is needed. Video is a great form of visual aids which will give you high marks.
See, now if you don't have camcorder yet, better consider buying one now! Malls and retails gadget or accessories shops are flooded with highly affordable camcorders but I suggest that you check some camcorder reviews before you buy. Check and see which camcorders fit you well.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Romi Garduce's Journey and truth about Snow Blindness

I am so proud of our very own Romi Garduce as he finished reaching the 6 out of the seven summits last July. Romi Garduce is considered the first ever Filipino to complete the Seven Summits of the World with “Vinson Massif” (the highest summit or peak in Antarctica) as his next and final target. Romi was able to reach the summit of Carstensz Pyramid (The highest Island Peak in the world) this July which has been documented and telecasted on local tv stations here. I remember his journey to Mount Everest last 2006 which was also being covered by media LIVE. From their journey to the Base camp up to the highest peak of Mount Everest where Romi planted our very own Filipino flag. They shared all their adventures and sacrifices while they’re on camp but of course, all those hard work paid off when he successfully reached the summit. Here are some pictures of Romi Garduce taken from the web.(Romi waving our Flag in the summit of Carstensz Pyramid)

Since we’re talking about Mountain Climbing here, I guess I can share you the topic about an eye condition that mostly experienced by mountain climbers. Photokeratitis or most commonly known as Snow blindness is a condition of eye discomfortness due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. It’s a temporary condition though but it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore it because it might also get worst and might give you pain, poor vision, and constricted pupil. It is also being experienced by most snowboarders. There’s actually one main reason why most climbers and snowboarders experience snow blindness and that’s no other than the failure to wear necessary protective eye gear s. Snowboard Goggles should always be worn to protect your eyes from any sudden and intense exposure to ultraviolet rays. We know how important our sight is so we have to do our best to protect our eyes from any harm.(Romi shown wearing the necessary protective gears including the protective sunglasses)

Of course aside from the snow goggles, climbers like our very own Romi Garduce or even snowboarders, skiers, and skaters, should wear all the necessary protective gears. You have to pay attention to any single details like checking if your boots are fitted well or if your belt is securely fastened because a single negligence may cause bigger disaster which may risk your life. Make sure that your gears are made out of high quality materials that can withstand strong and bad weather condition.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Effective Ways To Invest Your Money

Instead of wasting your money in buying non sense items, why not make yourself more fruitful by investing them. Investing your money is such a clever and practical move to save yourself and your family from any financial problems which may arouse in the near future. Actually there are many ways to invest your money. Listed below are my personal list to help you.
►BANK - Bank is said to be the safest and the most secured way of investing and of course they are relying deeply on the economic status. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable one because if a bank experience a threat of Bankruptcy then your investment might be in danger.
►CAR- Buying a car is such a nice investment. Let say for example, you want to buy a newly launched model car, then all you have to do is to sell your current one to help you purchase the new car with no ease. However, the challenge here is how are you going to sell the car much faster? Of course, you have no choice but to sell your car in a much lower price since it's already used and the value of it is not that high anymore, unless you made some upgrades or unless we are talking about vintage cars here.
►HOUSE - One of the common form of investment is the house. You can increase its value by renovating it and by making it more appealing. Just make sure that you buy only high quality materials to it which will help you to sell the house much faster.
►GOLD or SILVER COINS/ BULLION - Buying gold is such a great investment because of its high value. It has always been the best form of investment because of its stability. You can keep the gold as long as you want and when then when you experience serious financial problems, you can simply sell them in a legal firm. Actually you can now sell gold online. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable and well trusted websites to avoid being scammed.
The Silver and Gold Exchange is probably one of the best and risk free online sites to sell gold. They have been in the industry for quite a long time and have proven the quality of their service.
You can check them at to see more details about their copany.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dealing With Rust

Our car is mostly made out of metal so you really have to expect that when time goes by, you will eventually bring it to a repair shop for replacement. Steel car bodies are susceptible to rust because of being exposed to water and sun everyday. Especially now that the weather seems so weird because today the sun shines so bright and tomorrow the rain will fall heavily from the sky.
This weird weather condition can cause your car from getting rust easily.
Anyway, we have to be aware about this and we have to be responsible for it.
Keep in mind that rust is more like a virus because once a metal get infected by it, the rust will grow bigger and bigger which weakens the metal and to prevent this from happening, once you see the sign of rusting, better bring your car to an auto body repair shop as early as possible.
I'm not really sure what kind of solution they can give but if the condition is quite worst, I'm sure you'll end up replacing the whole body.
Keep in mind also that a rust spot increases and spreads with time, especially with each rain or snow storm so better not ignore it or else, it will cost you big time. Whether you plan on keeping it or selling it, your car will look cleaner without the rust.I’m sure you don’t want to be judge by the car you drive right?
Make sure that you bring your car to a reputable Auto Repair Company for a better and high quality service.

I have Sensitive Teeth

I have a sensitive teeth and I've been complaining about this painful sensation every time i drink or eat something extremely cold and hot.
Just like last time when my mom bought us an ice cream. I just can't eat it because my teeth is reacting so fast and it's really painful. Actually even when i drink a cold water, sometimes, i have to take a straw to sip it just to avoid that painful teeth reaction.
The only way to keep myself away from that painful reaction is by using this special toothpaste made just for sensitive teeth. Right now, I'm using this Colgate Pro-Active which is quite expensive compare to the normal brands, (And i think Colgate should commend me for promoting them in this blog LOL)
Anyway, it is really effective though the result will not last for long and i have to brush my teeth again after it loses the effect.
Even though i prevent that painful reaction through this special tooth paste, i still need to consult a dentist and maybe he can provide a permanent solution for it.
I'm just hoping that i can find a service similar to that Dentist Portland, I'm sure they can do something for my sensitive teeth in no time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Carpet Cleaning And Installation

There are so many ways to make your house more appealing. Putting a carpet in the living room is one of the effective ways to make it more attractive. Though you have to choose a carpet that will match up with your furniture.
Carpet is indeed a nice way to complement a house though it is quite demanding when it comes to maintenance most especially if you have those furry floor mats. Take note that carpet is prone to dust and dirt, making it so risky for someone who suffer from Asthma or allergy that's why a regular maintenance should be given to protect your health and also from possible damage due to daily use.
Luckily, there are so many ways now on how to clean out carpet. I know some of you still prefer the manual procedure but we now have vacuum cleaners which changes drastically from time to time. However, if you do not have enough experience in carpet cleaning then chances are, you will overlooked some area that has to be cleaned or worst, you may damage the carpet completely.
Well, I suggest that you get a professional Carpet Cleaning service for a very satisfying workmanship. These experts have the right equipments to use and they can finish the job in no time. Same thing goes if you are planning to install a carpet in your house.
If in case, you're looking for a professional Carpet Portland installation services, better check A-1 Carpet and tile at and see what else the site has to offer for you.
Have a great day guys and Happy blogging.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Plumbing Issues

There were times that when we need a plumbing repair, we just hire someone from the neighborhood or ask help from one of our relatives who somehow has the knowledge how to fix it. However we have to keep in mind that there is a consequence of hiring someone who is less experience. Hiring someone who do not have enough skills about plumbing repair will just cause more trouble and will definitely cost you big time.
The price of their services might be very attractive yet a very deceiving one. Price should not be our top priority, we should consider the quality of their work and that's what really matters most.
Well, let say you took the risk and you chose the cheaper service, well chances are you'll be experiencing the same plumbing issues over and over again so it is not practical option at all.
Hiring professional Plumber has always been the best option in any kind of plumbing repair issues.
Well, obviously because they are well trained for it and they can definitely fix the issue in no time.
Hiring experts and professional plumber is really advisable if you want to put an end to your plumbing issues. Take note that plumbing issues is something that you should not ignore because if you keep on ignoring it, you will just make the condition much worst.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Communicate with the Technician

Planning to bring your car to an auto repair shop? Well, they said that every time you bring your car into a repair shop, make sure that you communicate with the technician. Why? Because the technician can easily identify or diagnose the real issue if you tell him the problem in detailed. Misunderstanding often occur due to poor communication between the customer and the shop.
The technician should do the same thing too and you have to ask what exactly the problem is and what specifically causing the trouble. This will help you to understand the issue much clearly and this will also prevent you from bring so shocked about the repair fee that they will be charging on you. (believe me it happens every time hahaha)
You have to know if the shop is charging you inappropriately or not. If it is, then better not bring your car there next time but if it's not and if you proven that they serve honestly and competently, then start establishing a long term relationship with them as if every time there's an issue, you bring it them.
We as a driver should now the real issue behind the trouble. Its easy to become intimidated when communicating with a car repair shop and you're hearing a lot of words and concepts you don't understand. If you are having a hard time understanding the issue then Ask and let them explain every details.
If you're looking for an honest and competent shop, then ICR is just right for you. They are located in Oregon and known for providing the best Auto Body Repair Portland service. Visit them at and see what else they have to offer.

House Reflects Owner's Personality

A house is a reflection of the owner's personality. If you're clean and you're organized and if you keep your house regularly maintained, then you might received a lot of compliments from your friends which is definitely a good thing.
Our kitchen specifically, even though most guess failed to reach this area of your house, is a great way to measure someone's orderliness. Kitchen is probably one of the dirtiest part of your house since you do all the stuffs here. You prepared foods, you cook, you wash, and all that stuffs which are all prone to germs and bacteria. That's why as much as possible we have to clean it everyday. After all, it's for your benefit too.
Germs are more dominant into wet or moist surfaces which could probably your kitchen countertops most especially if you're using tiles because germs can be trapped at every single corner of it especially if the grout was not properly placed. That makes so hard to be cleaned. Oh well, maybe you could choose a much better material. Something that can be cleaned with no ease like granite maybe. It is known for being the best material for both countertops and floors. Well, they're glossy and they look so great and they are very easy to clean as long as you have the right cleaner for it.
But then, that's your choice, it's your kitchen, just be responsible to it and always keep it clean.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a Busy Man am I

Sigh, what a stressing week that was. I've been very busy these past few weeks and there's just plenty of things that i have to prioritized. My work , my school , my blogs and my obligations to my family, gosh, i just can't handle them all and sometimes, i feel like i want to give up but i try to motivate myself to keep me going.
I'm working as an office staff right now and also as a freelance online writer; I have to attend a course in a technical training school every Saturday and Sunday and i have to tutor my brother and nieces everyday after school. Well, this might be the reason why I'm still single LOL.
My work and my school almost killed all my personal leisure. I remember those days when I still have ample of time to play Basketball with my friends. I used to hang out with them before and I wish i could bring those moments back.
If ever given a chance, i would like to grab that once in a lifetime opportunity to play golf. I'm really intrigued about this sport especially when i saw those Golf Courses Portland online. It makes me so eager to try it but never had enough time to do it. Actually, i find it quite complicated compare to other mental games like chess because there's just too many equipments needed to play this game. There are different kinds of golf clubs used for different kind of golf courses.
It's complicated indeed but I'm sure i can get used to it once i tried it. Have you tried playing golf? How was it? Don't forget to leave your comment here and share us your golf experience.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Training Courses

Last 2007, i decided to take a technical training course since i can add that experience in my portfolio and i can also apply what i've learned there in real life situations. Oh well, the school have so many courses to offer and I chose the Computer Technician course simply because it is quite in demand and also to learn basic troubleshooting ideas that i can use if ever i encounter some hardware issues with my PC. Other courses were Automotive , Computer Science, computer secretarial and Electronics.
Electronics is a very interesting course though i can't take two courses at the same time so i prioritized the computer technician course first but when the time i finished the course, i already got a job so i failed to take the Electronics. I wasted such a great opportunity. I know i will learn a lot from that course and i can apply those knowledge if ever i encounter any home wiring problems in our house.
Well, it's not too late for me and besides I'm just 22 years old now so i still have a lot of time.
Being an Electrician is such a very interesting profession don't you think?
Anyway, since i don't know anything about electrical troubleshooting YET, we let the experts fix those home wiring problems. We have a family electrician and we used to contact him in case we need his service.
Don't have a family Electrician yet? Well, if you're in Oregon and looking for a Portland Electrician, Oakley Electric company has the best men to provide you the best service.
Don't hesitate to visit them at

Let's Save the Earth

Global Warming, Climate Change, acid rain, drought, flash floods and other forms of natural catastrophes, aren't they enough to tell us that we should do our best to help our suffering mother nature? Check my full Article guys about how we can save the environment in order to save our suffering world and please don't forget to leave your suggestions and opinions about this matter.
Check my full Article at I hope you find it useful too.

Moody Day

I'm really not in the good mood yesterday. Look, i am trying my best to be productive on both house and work but it seems that all my efforts are not working effectively at all. Oh not to mention the stress brought to me by this silly weather. I was planning to go out with friends yesterday, hoping that it could help me to, somehow, forget my problems but here goes the stupid weather, leaving us no choice but to postponed our plan. Isn't just great!!! >.<
Oh here's one more thing, We found out that the water is leaking from the roof in our kitchen. There were some unwanted stain on the ceiling and I suspect that it's all because of the roof leak. How i wish there's someone in our house knows how to fix this thing. Well, i don't mind climbing the roof but I just don't know where to start and how to trace those leaks. As you all know, half of my dad's body were paralyzed after he got stroke last 2001, and so being the eldest, i know i am the one responsible for this but i just can't take the risk because i'm really not good when it comes to this household thing.
Well, we can hire someone from the neighborhood but i don't think it's a good idea as well. How if they will just make the condition much worst knowing that they do not have enough skills and experience in such matter. Perhaps, we can hire professional Roofers to fix the roof. At least we know that they can fix the job satisfactorily. I might consider replacing the roof as well. These galvanized iron roofs were already there since we transferred to this house so i guess it's just right for them to be replaced.
Well, i don't know what kind of mood will I have today. Sounds weird but my mood changes everyday. I just wish no one will ruin my day today or else ..... haha
Well maybe my mind is just like the weather after all ~ full of attitude.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hitting Public Bathrooms

Did i mentioned to you guys that i never go to any public bathroom? Yeah, i know it sounds weird but it's true. But of course i have my reason for it and it's all because of my horrible experiences with public bathrooms most especially when i hit one of the public bathrooms in our province in Ilocos. Oh God, i just can't take it. How i wish i can show you the pictures but i lost them all after reformatting my pc but let me describe you how horrible it was.
Well, I know it's a public CR and everyone is free to use the facility but it doesn't mean that the place don't need a regular maintenance. The bathroom is located near the wet market so once you step inside, you'll see how muddy the floor is. You can see those dark spots in their tiled walls and some molds growing on each corner. Disgusting right? Well here's more.
The bowl is like nightmare if you asked me. It was clogged and the flush is not working. And since the flush is not working, i have to pour water to submerge the waste (that's the only way you can do to get rid of the clogged toilet). And the smell, oh God, it's more like you'll be gasping for breath. There might be something wrong with their plumbing system and maybe we can submit a complain to the owner or caretaker of that place. They should fix this issue and hire a professional Plumbing service to get rid of the clogged toilet and the unwanted smell.
They really need to fix it before making the condition worst.
So there you go, that's the reason why i never hit any public bathroom. Yikes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Choosing the Right Dating Sites

We are now on the so called "digital age" where anything and everything can be done online.
Boring? Then access thousand of those online games and casinos to entertain you, log in to your social networking site account and chat with your friends or upload and download your photos online if you want.
If you want your business to grow then there so many ways to promote it online too. And if you are looking for relationship, then why not try meeting other single individuals like you through the so called "dating site". It is pretty in demand today and it really works effectively for those who are aiming for a deeper relationship.
Though, when it comes to dating sites, just make sure that you deal only with those legitimate sites. Take note that you will be sharing your profiles to others too which also shares your personal information so make sure that the site is safe from any form of scams online.
Make sure that you have your privacy and also check on their features.
If in case you haven't found one yet, i suggest that you try Yup! it's free, reliable and it has many interesting features that no other dating sites can offer.
Feel free to check the site and enjoy!

Fish Care

When i was a kid, i remember we had a huge Asian Arowana in huge aquarium placed in our living room but it died for some unknown reason. As far as I know my mom is extremely taking care of that fish and feed the Arowana on time.
They said that Asian arowanas are paternal mouthbrooders. They are slow to reach sexual maturity and difficult to breed in captivity. Successful spawnings typically take place in large outdoor ponds rather than in aquarium and that might be the cause why the Arowana that we had died immediately. Oh well, since then, my mom decided not to have any fishes as her pet at home. She decided to pay more attention with her kitties and dogs.
Though, i'm still looking for opportunity to buy a new fish and to take care of it it. Instead of Arowana (which is quite expensive here), i am aiming more to have a Betta fish after reading some useful fish care tips from Betta are just small fishes and they are not as expensive as the Arowanas especially when it comes to maintenance. They are not big eaters and you only have to fed them once a day or every other day.
I was amazed to see those amazing pictures of Siamese Fighting fish online. They are so gorgeous looking and now i am eager to have them as pet woohoo.. Wish me luck

Choosing the Right Mail Order Bride Agency

Have you ever heard of those mail order brides? Oh of course you have heard about it! Internet has been a very powerful tool so it is impossible that you are not aware with it but the question here is, will you ever consider this kind of process? Yup, I know some of you might say that it is more of a desperate act of looking for someone to marry, but we're on digital age now so do not be surprised that this kind of International Marriage agencies do exist.
I actually prefer to use International Marriage agencies rather than "mail to order brides" companies because it sounds more decent to me.
So what's with these companies? How they can help those individuals? They are actually more of a dating site, a place where you can meet single women, however, these companies are aiming for deeper relationship.
Considering this kind of industry is not a bad idea at all as long as you are dealing with a reputable, honest and competent Mail order brides company. You really have to chose the right company because there are some agencies that force young women to be married to someone abroad which is definitely an evident sign of female trafficking... and that it something that we don't want to happen right? So just choose a reputable one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Benefits of Online Dating Site

We should be very grateful to what kind of benefits we can get from modern technology (Internet is particular). Internet helped us in so many ways. Whether it's a form of promoting a business or for communication purposes, Name It! we can do almost everything online.
As a matter of fact, Internet can now be a way to find our special someone, either you're looking for friends or looking for a lover or someone you can be with for a life time.
Social Networking sites like facebook or twitter can be a great start, however, they are too big and has too many features which can be very confusing at times.
This is the reason why we have dating sites. They are very in demand today. Well, the good thing about dating sites is the fact that all members of these sites are looking for the same thing, they are all aiming to enter a very exciting relationship.
Dating sites like LuvFree offers many interesting features which include the chatting and the mailing system. Here, you have the ability to view a person or a member's in-depth profile which will give you a chance to know if you are compatible to that person or not.
You can check to see how it works.
Again, it offers a lot of features and most of all, the site's service is all free!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Taking Shots like a Pro

We should be very grateful that modern advances help us to make our work a lot easier. It seems that almost everyone now, regardless of the age and profession, embrace such technology for their own benefits as well.
Modern technology especially those high tech gadgets drastically changed everything. I bet all of you guys have digital cameras. DSLR Cameras are highly in demand today simply because of the quality of images that they can produce, their adaptability, their speed, and their availability as well.
Yes, it's true that it can produce high quality images but that doesn't mean that when you have DSLR camera, you can take shots like a pro already. Because if that's the case, then what are Photography schools an courses for? It takes a lot of hard work and experience to take shots perfectly. This is the reason why we still hire professional photography services similar to that Photographer Portland Service in Oregon. We still get such service simply because they have the skills for it and they know how to take shots perfectly.
But having a DSLR camera is such a great start if you want to take photography to the next level. You can just take professional courses offered by some schools or universities to earn a professional degree. Good Luck!

Fixing Dents

Our Car is like a house and we all want to give the best for them. We want them to look great as much possible that's why most of us buy some cool gadgets or car accessories, either exterior or interior, to improve our car's appearance. I believe that as a car owner, it is one of your responsibilities.
It is very important to keep your car regularly maintained. Cleaning is just a basic part of it. You should keep your car protected from any possible damages as often as possible. Drive carefully to avoid any accidents.
They said that the appearance of a car will reflect the personality of its owner. So if they saw a lot of dents on your car, then they might think that you are such a reckless or clumsy driver right?
Fixing dents is actually "Do it yourself" task but that is if you have the right tools and if you have the proper knowledge to fix such issue. Because if you don't know how to fix it and if you take the risk, you might end up with a horrible outcome.
I suggest that instead of taking the risk, why not bring your car to a reputable shop like that Auto Body Phoenix Repair in Arizona. They sure have the right tools and equipments and they have the experience to fix the dent issue in no time.
Actually, it is really necessary to bring your car to a shop like this from time to time to keep your auto in good condition.
How about you guys? Do you fix the dents yourself or you let the expert do the job?

Increasing the Value of Your House

Is it really necessary to remodel or to give your house a make over? Yes it is! Especially if you are planning to sell your house in the near future. Of course, if you want to sell the house much faster, you need to make it more appealing to the potential buyers.
You can sell it to a higher price as well if you will renovate it. Renovation or remodeling will definitely increase the value of your house which can attracts many potential buyers. We are experiencing global financial crisis today and buyers are seeking for a deal that will help them to save money. They are much wiser now when it comes to house buying so you have to do your best to convince them that your house is exactly what they are looking.
Why not give the kitchen or the bathroom a new look. Make it much cleaner and wider because honestly, if i will put myself in the position of the buyer, those are the qualities that i will be looking for.
Get a professional Remodeling Service to help you out in making the house more appealing.
Moving to a new place is such a stressing thing to do so instead of stressing more yourself in thinking of the renovation before you leave the house, better save your time by hiring professional service.
Hope you find this article useful. Feel free to share your thoughts.
Happy blogging everyone.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Modern Garage Doors

We should be grateful that modern advancements make our work a lot easier. Technology keeps on evolving rapidly and that is something we should not underestimate. Just think of the modern garage doors today. Unlike before that you have to manually open the doors, they are more high tech now and you door will open in just one click away using your remote control.
Very impressive indeed, no wonder why modern houses today chooses to have automatic garage door openers. It's not just because they are simply following the latest trend but because of being practical as well.
Modern garage doors are more durable and more convenient too. It is less time consuming and definitely more appealing as well. The safety of your car from those burglars and car-nappers are more protected if you're using modern garage doors.
But then again, it all depends on how well these doors are being installed. Improper installation usually lead to series of problems which can be very costly. Imagine yourself paying repair fees over and over again because of your garage door's improper installation. I suggest that instead of asking someone from the neighborhood, much better if you hire an expert who can offer services similar to that Garage doors Portland repair service in Oregon.
Hiring experts or professionals is one of the most important things to consider if you want your garage door to have a long lasting durability.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Starting a Small Business Effectively

Are you planning to start a small business? They said that if you are planning to start a business, then you have to think very creatively. You need to have the so called business idea and effective business strategy to keep you stay on this kind of field. Take note that you will be dealing with a huge capital here so as much as possible, you do not want to commit any mistakes along the way. Every decision you make will affect the status your business, so you really have to think more than twice before finalizing anything. Of course, if you are a first timer, then it is much better if you get some advises from those big time entrepreneurs.
There are so many things to consider when you are into this kind of industry. You need to have a great strategy to attract many customers. Advertising plays a vital role here. You have to spread a mouth if you want to make your product visible on the market. However, it is a big challenge for more small businesses because the competition in the job market gets tougher and tougher everyday, so most likely you will end up wasting your money for paying such useless advertising agency.
Online is a great way to promote your products or services. Most people think that this is the most convenient way to do their transactions (buying or selling). It is not as tough as you think especially now that there are free classified ads to help you. They offer free services, allowing you to post an add without sacrificing your budget. It is a great help indeed if you are planning to start a small business and if you are targeting online customers. This is the easiest way to make your product more visible online. Good luck!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making your House More Appealing

How can you make your house more appealing? For me, it's not just about how expensive your furniture are. Actually, those furniture are useless without proper maintenance right? As a house owner you have many responsibilities not just to make your house more appealing but also to keep your family safe and secure.
Providing regular maintenance is among the first things that you have to prioritize. You have to do this to preserve your furniture and to maintain their nice appearance. Your Windows for example should be cleaned on a daily basis. If you left it unmaintained and there are big tendencies that the window will break easily, leaving you no choice but to replace it.
If ever you ended up replacing the window, then just make sure that the person you hired is well trained for this kind of work. I understand that most of us are looking for cheaper ways even if it means that we just have to hire someone from the neighborhood regardless if he has an experience about this field or not. But we have to analyze everything. Take note that the lifespan of your window depends on how well the workmanship is so if you hired an inexperience one, then most likely you will end up replacing the windows again which only means that you have to pay for another service fee.
Lucky you if you are in Oregon and looking for a good and well trusted Windows Portland Replacement service because Four Seasons Company is ready to help you with your windows issue and can fix it in no time. I just wish i could find the same service here in my country.
Happy blogging guys and have a great weekend.

Not Complicated At All

Golf might be one of the most complicated kind of sports especially for beginners. Take note that it is more than just hitting the ball by your golf club. You should know by now that there are different types of golf clubs to be used for this game. Each club has different purposes too.
Wood type or also known as Drivers are usually used for long distance shots. Irons, on the other hands are quite versatile though it is commonly used to propel the ball towards the hole and also used for short distance shots.
There is also a combination type of design in which they called Hybrid. Putters used mainly on the green to roll the ball into the cup. See? Who would have thought that this sport can be as coplicated as this? Well, maybe i'm just saying this because i know nothing about golf yet and never had a chance to try it.
Aside from different golf clubs, there are golf swing strategies too that are used for great and effective shots. There are different golf courses too that you have to finish to complete the game. But if you are looking for more challenge, those Golf Courses Portland in Oregon is the right place for you.
If you know how the game works, then Golf might not be very complicated game at all.
If you are interested, you can visit Lake Oswego at They are open for tournament and special packages too. Check their site and learn more.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Before and After You Buy A Car

There are so many things that you have to consider before and after buying a car.
Of course, you have to choose first the right car and the right car dealer. You have to consider your budget as well. You have to choose a car that will suit your style and taste.
And now, once you have the car, it is now your turn to make it your own by personalizing it either by upgrading its parts or installing some cool gadgets inside. We all want the best for our car right? That's why we are trying to make it more appealing as much as we can. Though we have to remember that there are so many important things to consider first other than making it more eye-catching and appealing to your eyes.All those accessories will be useless if your car can't perform well. Better upgrade your engine and bring it on an auto repair shop for regular check ups. Remember that a smooth driving experience depends on how well your engine performs.
Aside from upgrading the engine, make sure that you get Car insurance for your car too to hedge the risk of any devastating loss. Though there is no assurance that all major expenses will be covered by your Insurance company.
You better get an Extended Auto Warranty too especially if the original warranty is about to end. This will help you to lessen those unexpected repair expenses since the warranty will cover them all. Good thing modern technology made it much easier for us to get auto warranty because you can now apply online in which you can save money too.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Smooth Driving Experience

How do you define a smooth driving experience? Will you base it on how expensively-looking your car is? Will you base it on how many gadgets or high tech accessories installed inside your car? Well, as for me, a smooth driving experience depends on how well your engine performs. I'm sure you do not want to stress out yourself whenever your engine fails right?
So instead of focusing more on how to make your car more appealing, why don't you pay attention first on upgrading your engine.
But of course, it will not just end by simply upgrading your engine, as a car owner, you are responsible of maintaining your car in good condition in a regular basis.
It is also advisable that you bring your car to the nearest auto repair shop for the regular check ups. They can determine whether a spare part should be removed, repair or replace. Lucky you if you landed on a well trusted shop like that Auto Repair Hillsboro Shop in Oregon. They have been in the industry since 1997. They are also known for providing high quality and satisfying result to their customers and they are continuously providing this honest, reliable and competent service until now. You can visit them at and see what else they have to offer.

Treating Back Pain

Lower back pain might be a sign of aging but we have to be aware that it can be a sign or symptoms of some serious illness too. We often ignore the back pain actually which is really not right. We should be very conscious with our health so every time that you feel the pain in your back, then you better seek for some medical advices rather than ignoring it because you might regret it later if the condition went worst.
There are many causes of back pain and most of them involves disease or injury to the muscles, bones or nerves of spines. Let me remind you that back pain cannot be solved simply by taking those pain relievers that you can buy in all drugs stores. Again, back pain is a symptom! So in you really have to seek for medical advices so that they can diagnose the real cause.
Back pain can also be treated using an alternative medicine known as "Chiropractic therapy". It is highly in demand now and is highly accepted as an effective cure to back pain and other related diseases.
This is actually the safest way and this is the best option that you can have if you do not want to take the risk of those risky surgical operation. However, this therapy cannot guarantee you a satisfying result unless you deal with a well trained Chiropractor like those Chiropractors Olympia in Washington. If you want to know more about this therapy, don't hesitate to visit their site and check what else Chiropractic therapy can do.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lets All Fly For Fun!!

Are you familiar with the game called "FlyFF", a shortened name for Fly For Fun, a successful and popular Multi-Media Online Role Playing game. I was addicted to this game, i think that was way back 2007. It was my cousin Ichan who introduced this very exciting game to me. The game was currently on their version 2 where in they introduced their newest Job which is the Acrobat. If you know how to play the Ragnarok, then it will be easy for you to play this game. It is like ten times better than Ragnarok because of its 3D features. This is the first ever 3D flying online game. The game will allow you to handle 3 characters in your account and you can play them one at a time. There are 3 main servers to choose from: Iblis, Bubbles and Shade (named after the 3 worlds).
You will start the game as a vagrant and then after you reached Level 15, that's the time that you have to pick for a Job. Currently, there are 4 available secondary jobs namely Mercenary, Assist, Magician and Acrobat.
Mercenary are the Strength type characters. They use Swords and Axe as their weapon. After reaching Level 60, you will now have to choose for your Third Job which is either Blade or Knight.
Assist are the healers and buffers. They use Knuckles to fight and Stick to heal and buff. The third jobs available for Assist are Billposter and Ringmaster.
Acrobats are the long-range fighters. They are usually equipped with either Bow or Yoyo. After level 60, you can no change your job to either Ranger of Jester.
Magicians are the Intelligence-type fighters. They can execute powerful attacks though their stamina are quite weak. They use Wands and Staffs to cast their spells and skills. Third jobs for Magicians are Psykeepers and Elementor.
Now here are the other exciting features of the game:
►Each players will be given set of quests each levels.
►Allow you to explore different worlds such as Flaris, Saint Morning, and Darkon. Not to mention the hidden dungeons and islands.
►Allow you to upgrade your weapon.
►Rare and green items armor and weapons.
►Cool trading and chat system.
►They also have their specialty store where in you can get premium items
►fashion clothes are also available.

I've been away from this game for almost 2 years since i have to focus more on my blogging career. But then yesterday, i decided to take a peek on my account and surprisingly, there are so many changes and improvement on the game.
I saw one of it's latest and updated version at The site is actually a great source of the best kostenlose browsergames online. Aside fro FlyFF, the site offers other populart Role playing games like Ponyrama, MiraMagia, 9 Empires, Jade Dynasty and more.
Well I guess I will spend some time in gaming again! See yah!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

High Tuition Fees?

Just like what i said from my previous entries, Milzon and Mirasol are both preparing for their upcoming School Enrollment. We are set to buy the school supplies that they need including the notebooks, bags and uniform this coming May 21. That's the most convenient time i have and then after that, i will join my mom in paying their tuition fees. Well, Mirasol do not need any tuition fees since she is studying now in a Public High School but I'm sure the school will ask for some miscellaneous fees like PTA , Medical or whatsoever.
We decided to enroll Milzon in a private school so that they can teach him in advance and then he can go to public once he reached High school just like what Mirasol did. However, i think i have to cut down my budget this month knowing that Milzon's tuition fee went high this year. I got the form already and I found out that they will be having additional books and academic activities which is good. The school is known for providing high quality education and most of their students are competing internationally and i am confident that these additional fees are for Milzon's own good as well.
But since i am not expecting this, i think i have to apply for another Quick Cash Loan to help me with my other expenses. I really don't mind applying for payday loans if ever my budget is short. Besides, they are just short term loans and paying them is not that hard since you will be dealing for small amounts only. It is really advisable for some who is in need for a fast cash. If you are interested, you may want to visit Capital Finance Web, one of the top leading service providers for online payday loans today on their official webpage at They are also offering other types of loans including Auto loans and Personal loans. Fell free to check their site and see how Payday loans can help you with your monthly budget too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Plan

Summer is here and I'm sure most of you are planning now to hit the beach or spend time with your family and do an out of town trip. Well, that sounds great but we have to consider the budget as well. Your budget will tell what kind of location or what type of summer activities you can try without ruining your preferred budget.

Planning summer vacation is such a great idea since it is the perfect time to relax, unwind and to keep all the stress away brought to you by your work. Most people grab this opportunity as well to spend quality time for their family, something that they can't do because of the busy schedule that they have. However, we have to keep in mind that this vacation will cut down your budget as well especially if you are aiming to spend it in a very special or luxurious place.
But of course, we do not want to ruin our plans just because of the limited budget that we have right? If this is the case, then why not apply for a Payday Loan Online! It is very in demand today and most people used this loan to cover the rest of their expenses for the month. It has a fast approval process and you'll get the cash in no time.
Well, it is true that we can find so many alternative plans that will not cost us a lot but if you insist to have that very special summer outing, then why not start applying for a payday loan and make those plans possible.
Happy Summer everyone!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hiring a Landscape Designer

It is nice to experiment and explore some cool new ideas for your lawn but doing it alone knowing the fact that you do not have enough skills and experience, well these ideas may just ruin your lawn and you will just end up spending most of your money to fix it.
It's true that landscaping can be a "Do it Yourself" activity but it can only be possible if you have the right materials to be used for such a heavy duty job. There are specific equipments that are being used for specific landscaping procedure and only Landscaping companies like the Landscaping Phoenix in Arizona can provide them all to you. Well you can purchase the item or equipments individually but you have to spend a lot of money for that.
Landscaping consume a lot of time too since you have to pay attention to every single details if you want to make your landscape more appealing. So letting the experts do this job will definitely save your time, giving you opportunities to spend quality time with your family.
Yup, you can illustrate your desired landscape to your mind but making it possible is such a big challenge too. You cannot execute all your plans effectively so i suggest that you hire an expert landscape designer to make all these things possible. They can even give you or suggest you some great ideas or designs which can be very appropriate for the style and size of your lawn.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Essential Oils

Have you ever tried using essential body oils? My mom used to buy essential oils and apply it on her skin almost after every bath. She said that she feel very warm and comfortable whenever she apply it on her and it feels like all her stress were washed away in an instant. I tried it once and i feel the same way too.
Yes it's true that these so called essential oils has therapeutic effect that no other oils can offer. You can try Fragrance Oil or Perfume Oils but you can never feel the effect that an essential oil can offer. Both Fragrance and Perfume Oils are artificially made and contain artificial substances unlike essential oils that are made naturally from plants.
I remember my friend Foongpc sent me a gift after his trip to Indonesia. It was a soap made from Sandalwood, a fragrant wood and one of a great source of essential oils.

It includes a mini bottle of Essential oil too which is made from Frangipani. Here in our province we called it "Kalachuchi"
Well, i haven't tried both of them because i decided to keep them as one of my blogging memorabilia but i wonder how it feels when you used them. Anyway, i can always buy essential oils either online or in some drug stores near my place. Errr... my skin gets dry easily lately and i suspect that it is because of the weather here. I bet i need a moisturizer now so i better use essential oil rather than those commercially and artificially produced.

Win Or Lose Game

Establishing a business is like playing a Win or Lose Strategy. You do not know if the business will be successful or will turn out as a big Failure. But if you are a professional one, you should know how to play this game wisely whether you win it or lose it, you should stay strong and never be discouraged about failures. Just think of it as a "Trial and Error" game. You should keep on trying until you found the perfect recipe towards a successful business.
If ever you faced Bankruptcy , do not feel down and treat it more as a challenge more than as a failure. This will teach you a good lesson whether what step should you take or what step should not to avoid the possible bankruptcy in the near future.
Again, you have to play this game wisely and I'm sure you do not want to shoulder everything after the devastating loss of your business right? This is the reason why all business owners file a Bankruptcy report to save them from paying all these debts. Bankruptcy follows certain responsibility and you are obliged to solve them all but if you file bankruptcy report, it will save you from drowning into so many debts and will help you to stand again and start your new business life once again.
Bankruptcy is not an end point, it is just a start and a stepping stone towards a successful business.

Cleaning Windows in a regular Basis

Windows are like Clothes. You should clean them in a regular basis and make them more appealing once again after every wash. The lifespan of your windows depends on you. You have to maintain them regularly to keep them in a good condition. If you failed to do so, then the windows might get brittle and will get damage easily.
Dust particles or the what so called Pollutants are the worst enemy of your windows. Too much exposure to them will cause etching which weakens your window. Water from rain or too much moisture will also cause severe damage to your window which can result to unwanted stain which is hard or almost impossible to be removed and which will leave you no choice but to replace the window entirely. We all know how expensive the cost of window replacement right? So i suggest that you keep an eye on it and make sure that you included this task on your house chore lists. Or it is much better to hire experts and let them do the rest of the window cleaning job for you. You're lucky if you find a company that offers a high quality service like that Window Cleaning Portland being offered in Oregon.
Hiring Window Cleaning Services is also advisable because they can tell you if you really need a replacement or if there's something wrong with the installation and other faulty stuffs on it. It can save your time too allow you to spend more time with your family.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Knowing More about Option Trading

They said that one of the effective way of making good profits with small risk is through the nature of option trading. I'm not really sure how the exact process goes but i am really curious and intrigued how much will it help me to become a successful man.
Option trading is something that requires a lot of understanding. They said that option trading is a kind of risk management that really works. Option trading is different from Stock trading. Well, I never experience any of these stock trading stuffs but i heard how risky it could be to some Stock traders. It is like a win or lose game. Some might end up losing their shares or will end up exiting his trade while others are very fortunate to get more profit from it. This only shows that stock trading simply can't guarantee you since Stock market fluctuations will destroy your trade unlike the what so-called option trading which can protect you from any losses and will guarantee you a huge percentage of success rate.
Option strategy provides a limited risk so i am not wondering why most investors are more into option trading because they can earn more profit from it. There are two types of option trading, Put Option and Call option.
Put Options give the option buyer the right the sell the underlying asset while Call Options give the option buyer the right to buy the underlying asset. I'm kind confused with these two but they said that when you buy put option it enables you to profit when the markets fall without having to sell short stock.
How about you guys? What do yah think about Option Trading? Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know. Have a great day and happy blogging!

The Use of Power Generators

Do you have a Generator at home? Well, lucky you, because we do not have that kind of expensive equipment but we are aware how important a power generator could be especially in case of emergency like wide black outs and other similar scenarios.
Our neighbor have this portable power generator and every time there is a huge brown out or black out in our area, they use the generator to supply sufficient amount of electricity on their house.
I remember during the Typhoon Ondoy, they let most of our neighbors including me to charge the battery of our phones. We all know how important the communication is during that time especially if you want to contact someone from your relatives and ask them if they are doing okay and if their area is safe from the typhoon.
Well, that made me realized how important this equipment is. How i wish we could have one but the price of it is pretty expensive though i have heard that an equipment like this can be rented from something like Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon.
Aside from providing extra power source during the black outs, generators are widely use too in some outdoor activities that is beyond the reach of any cable extension.

Wedding Plan

Wedding is undeniable the most exciting event that could ever happened in our life though it can be one of the most stressing days too since it takes a lot of preparation before the actual wedding date arrives.
Usually, it is the bride who take care of everything with the groom assisting her from time to time. Well what makes a wedding stressful is the fact that you have to think every details of it. Although it is a mutual decision from both couple, the bride usually the one who suggest everything from the wedding venue to the foods that will be catered at the wedding reception.
Making a checklist is very advisable if you want to organize everything as perfectly as you planned. Wedding preparation is not done over night. It usually takes months. The process of making your Wedding dress for example takes a lot of time and depends on how gorgeous you would like it to be. Aside from that, you also have to contact several persons including the florists, the caterers, the singers and more. Not to mention the stress of choosing who will be the bride's maid and the Best Man for your wedding so as other guest and other major wedding sponsors. You also have to spend time communicating with the church and also a time for practicing wedding ceremony.
Wedding is truly a very stressing event that's why most couple preferred to hire a wedding planner to help them out organizing the said event. There are also some event organizer like those in Weddings Vancouver WA that offer exciting wedding packages. These packages may include all the things that a couple need for their wedding like the venue, the minister and more.
Wedding is very stressful but the most rewarding experience for both couple as well because that is the time when both of them are bind and united together.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer vacation

I'm sure you guys are planning to spend your Summer Vacation somewhere else right? We used to hit the beach every summer and doing this yearly routine is kinda boring already. Right now, we're planning of something more adventurous. It's been a tradition for us to visit our relatives every Summer and it seems that we will be doing it again this year, however, instead of staying there at my grandma's house and instead of hitting the beach nearby, we are planning to explore other places that we've never been in that province.
It would be great to go mountain climbing or camping near that venue. Though i am not sure if we are allowed to enter that location or if the mountain is open for public. If that's the case, then better think of another plan. I think we better start looking for some bike racks for cars so that we can all bring our bikes and do some cycling to at least keep ourselves away from getting too bored. We do not have bike racks installed yet in my dad's car and i'm sure there are bike racks for suvs available out there. I guess we should check it online too.
How i wish we can come up with a nice plan for this upcoming summer trip in Pangasinan or else we will end up hitting the beach again. Sobs.

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